Basic Level - P1

P1 is a basic level requiring little technical background, and comprising of understanding the fundamentals of an algorithm and applying it to a simple problem. In such projects you acquire basic skills like background knowledge, understanding of an existing algorithm, its parameters, tuning of the parameters and a simple application of the algorithm. P1 projects typically do not lead to a research publication and are not considerable for Bachelor thesis. However, they present an excellent opportunity to enable you to the next levels P2 and P3.
    Available Projects
  • Machine Learning
    • 1.1. Topic Classification: Given a webpage like , which category/class does it belong it to?
      1.2. Latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA): An advanced type of clustering (soft clustering) technique based on statistical distributions.
      1.3. Logistic Regression
      1.4. Expectation Maximization
  • Natural Language Processing
    • 1.5. Part-of-Speech Tagging: Automatically find out the part of speech tags in a sentence.
      1.6. Named Entity Recognition: Given a sentence “Niket worked at Yahoo”, recognize entities automatically: Niket/Person worked at Yahoo/organization.
      1.7. Word Sense Disambiguation
      1.8. Sentence Detection
      1.9. Character Language Modeling
      1.10. Language Identification
      1.11. Spelling Correction
      1.12. String Comparison
      1.13. Clustering: Group similar items e.g. news related to sports should automatically be grouped in one cluster.
      1.14. Singular Value Decomposition
      1.15. Data Mining using database queries
      1.16. Interesting Phrase Detection
      1.17. Sentiment Analysis